Mobile Golf Fix

 “Golf is the question, we are the answer”

   My name is Brian McDaniel, my golfing adventure began at the age of three and I am passionate about the sport.  I have been a golf instructor for the past 13 years and I have helped hundreds of players to improve their game. 

   Here at I am dedicated to helping you enjoy and improve the game you may just be learning or that you may already love. 
   Through video instruction and an easy to use website you will be able to learn tricks and tips to improve your golf game.  You will learn how to evaluate the options available to you on the course and how to select the best options to take strokes off your score. Teaching clients from four to ninety, I take a customized and disciplined approach specifically designed for your unique swing or game.  I like to recall that the great Bobby Jones once said, "the hardest distance in golf is six inches, right between your ears". I want to teach you the tools to master that distance and your game. 

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